"Double" contract with Wilson

Metizoft has signed two ten-year contract for delivering services to one of Norway's largest ship owners, Wilson.

Wilson is based in Bergen, Norway, with a fleet of about 130 ships. This is the largest so called “short sea” fleet in Europe and makes Wilson the leading company in their segment.

Wilson and Metizoft have signed contracts for IHM maintenance and Metizoft’s Chemical system, each for a period of ten years.

“This is a result of good dialogue over time, where we’ve been able to build the trust that enabled us to secure these contracts”, says Toni

Nikolai Berget in Wilson is also pleased: “We’re happy to have partnered with Metizoft and are looking forward to working together. The safety of our crew and the environment is our highest priority, and we’re working systematically to secure a safe working environment”, says Nikolai.

Hazardous materials and Chemical management

IHM stands for “Inventory of Hazardous Materials” and is a document identifying all potentially hazardous materials onboard a vessel. All vessels visiting ports in the EU/EEA area is required to have an up to date and valid IHM certificate on board.

Metizoft Chemical system is a solution for registering and managing chemicals on board. Amongst other things, it provides up to date safety information as well exposure logs for each crew member.

Thorbjørn Dalsøren (left), General Director at Wilson and Toni Sandanger (right), from Metizoft, sign the two contracts.

Market leader

Metizoft was one of the first on the market to offer IHM solutions to shipyards, shipowners, and suppliers, and is still a global market leader in this segment.

“Through working closely with shipowners and others in shipping, we gain a unique insight into the challenges and demands these businesses face”, explains Toni. “Based on this, we can focus on developing the right products and services to make life easier for our customers.”

New sustainability reporting tool

All businesses in shipping will have to report on ESG (environmental, social, governance) targets now or in the near future. The latest development from Metizoft is an application and service to make ESG reporting easy.

Last updated Mar 08, 2023

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