Chemical System

Easy to use all-in-one software and mobile app for chemical management

Chemical management has never been easier

Streamline your chemical management with all information in one place!

Metizoft keeps all required documentation up to date and accessible on the go.

The software provides exposure logs, data sheets, substance register and risk assessment, all in one system.

You will be able to keep records of maintenance, cleaning, and leakages.

Easy access

Access the software from mobile phones, tablets and computers.


Maintain control of stock levels, withdrawals, and substitutions of hazardous chemicals.

ESG Ready

Real time data on risks and exposure allows you to report and improve on your ESG KPIs

Metizoft Chemical System is an easy-to-use software designed for ship owners, administrators and anyone handling chemicals on board.

Our solution is cost effective and increases crew safety and chemical knowledge.

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“Laws and regulations regarding chemicals and dangerous substances are very complicated, but with MZ Chemical System from Metizoft, we have gained full control.” Geir Danielsen, HSEQ Manager O.H. Meling

A safe workplace

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) states that workers have a need for, and right to, information about the chemicals they use at work.

Essential factors listed by ILO:

1. Ensuring that all chemicals are evaluated to determine their hazards
In the Metizoft Chemical System, the hazard level of all chemicals is evaluated at a scale from 1-5 for each HSE category (Health, Safety/fire hazard, Environment).

2. Providing employers with a mechanism to obtain from suppliers information about the chemicals used at work so that they can implement effective programmes to protect workers from chemical hazards
Safety Data Sheets and recommendations for protective wear and precautions is available in the Metizoft Chemical system software.

3. Providing workers with information about the chemicals at their workplaces, and about appropriate preventive measures
Employees can access the Safety Data Sheets and recommendations for protective wear and precautions via the app on mobiles and tablets. They can also register any exposure to chemicals in the app, creating and maintaining their personal exposure log.

4. Establishing principles to ensure that chemicals are used safely
With the Metizoft Chemical system it is easy to establish and maintain routines for safe handling of chemicals, as well as for keeping records of exposure.

“Great tool, where we in addition to exposure log for crew and clients, received added value in both risk assessments and safety data sheets, all in one system.” Sigurd Remøy, COO, Remøy Management

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