Documentation management

Let Metizoft handle required documentation from your supply chain

Outsource supply chain documentation

More documentation than ever is required from suppliers to the maritime industry. Managing this takes time and resources.

By outsourcing this to Metizoft, we ensure documentation is provided in a correct and timely manner.

Supply Chain Documentation Management may include:
* IHM (MD + SDoC)
* AFD (Asbestos Free Declaration)
* REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals
* Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)


Safeguard your business by letting Metizoft manage your documentation obligations.

Save time

Focus on what you do best, and leave the time-consuming work of managing documentation to Metizoft.

Stay compliant

A Ship’s IHM Part I is required by law to be maintained and updated throughout its operational life.

“Our document agreement with Metizoft has enabled us to focus on what we do best, providing high-quality marine engines. Such an agreement can be highly recommended!” Øyvind B. Seim, Head of Project Department, Pon Power AS

Expert assistance

With a Document Agreement from Metizoft, we produce the necessary documentation on your behalf.

We ensure correct HazMat data by collecting documentation from your subsuppliers.

Our experts will guide you through the necessary regulations and assist in responding to demands from your customers.

Peace of mind

Feel safe in the knowledge that Metizoft handles your supplier documentation requirements in line with current regulations.

We have developed a large database of EPDs from sub-suppliers, making the collection process easier - saving you money and resources.

Contact us to discuss how a Metizoft Document Agreement can benefit your business.