Transparency Act

Policy on human rights and working conditions

The Norwegian Transparency Act applies to large Norwegian companies and their international subsidiaries. It aims to promote human rights and decent working conditions in their production and service activities.

Metizoft is committed to conduct its business to the highest ethical standards and in accordance with laws and regulations applicable, with respect for all human life, dignity, and rights. We pay attention to interests of our employees, suppliers, business partners, local communities, as well as our customers. If we find or are made aware of adverse effect of our business to anyone, we will do our best to remedy such effects.

Metizoft’s context

Metizoft AS is a Norwegian company with HQ situated in Fosnavåg. The company has two subsidiaries: Metizoft Enviro in Fosnavåg, and Metizoft Asia, with main office in Singapore, as well as offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and India. We provide IHM solutions and operational support to shipyards, shipowners, and other industries on a global scale.

We provide cloud-based web solutions for customers, including various reporting functions, such as fleet status for shipowners and project status for shipyards. The solution also provides access to up to date IHM 24/7.

We deliver advisory and inspection services to our customers within IHM and asbestos solutions. A service that meets the demand of our maritime customers and put them in a situation that complies with national and international laws and regulations.

We offer minor asbestos removal tasks on board vessels.

We offer a Chemical Management System so managers can keep records of chemicals and potential exposure to employees.

We offer document and quality assurance services to suppliers to the maritime industry.

And we offer a cloud based ESG reporting platform.

Due diligence and risk management

Metizoft have a due diligence process in accordance with OECD guidelines for multinational companies.

Product/industry risk: We do not produce any products. Our main services are related to collection of data and documentation, incl. inspection on board vessels, to safeguard workers and environment during scrapping and recycling of vessels. We also support companies in the work of transparency and ESG reporting. Our suppliers are mostly related to office rental, office supplies, transport, software, cloud-based servers, and other business-related services (banking, accounting, auditing etc.).

Internal risk: We work in accordance with Norwegian law “Working environment act” etc. Metizoft has an appointed Health, Environment and Safety (HES) responsible, and a safety representative and an employees’ representative are elected among the employees.

Country risk: Suppliers and partners are initially assessed based upon their country of operation and reviewed on their classification/score in ITUC’s global workers’ rights index, Freedom House’s political rights and civil liberties, UNICEF’s Child labour assessment, and Transparency International’s Corruption perception index.

If we should find that there exists actual or potential negative impact in our supply chain, we will seek to remedy such negative impacts.


Metizoft AS and Metizoft Enviro AS have no suppliers of products or services in any country where we assess the probability for negative impact to be other than LOW.

Metizoft partners, hereunder agents and representatives, are one-person-businesses or small businesses. Some of the agents / representatives are located in higher-risk countries, and we’re implementing routines for these.

As Metizoft has offices and employees in Asia, we do subsequently have suppliers and partners in this area. We are currently working on incorporating such information in our due diligence and risk assessment.


Anyone having questions about Metizoft and the transparency act, and due diligence, may contact Metizoft with e-mail to

Metizoft’s policy on human rights and working conditions