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Create comprehensive ESG reports tailored to the shipping industry

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ESG for Shipping

Today, every company needs to have ESG performance targets as part of the overall business strategy.

Not only is it becoming a requirement from political initiatives such as the EU taxonomy, but it’s increasingly becoming an essential condition for financing and other company stakeholders.

Being able to present live data on your ESG performance is now a real competitive advantage.

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Advanced ESG reporting - Made easy

Navigate complex reporting requirements with the Metizoft ESG reporting tool.

Get started with a template designed for your needs, tailored to comply with the relevant regulations.

Add your key figures and additional data such as text, tables, graphs and documents.

Easily organize and customize your content to make your custom ESG report. Generate report as a PDF and share it with your stakeholders.

Ready to use templates

Templates based on industry requirements

Customised for your business

Customise with key data such as text, tables, graphs, and documents

Always compliant

Always up to date to comply with all current and upcoming regulations.

Receive actionable suggestions to improve your sustainability KPIs

Ensure ESG compliance

Our application will comply with all current and upcoming regulations, including:

  • NFRD (Non-Financial Reporting Directive) > CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive)
  • ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards)
  • GRI (Global Standards for Sustainability Reporting)
  • ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board)

ESG factors for the maritime sector

  • E for Environmental


    * Emissions and energy use * Biological diversity and pollution in the sea * Ship Recycling * Prevention and preparation in case of accidental emissions * Climate risk

  • S for Social


    * Occupational health, safety and environment (HSE) * Worker's rights * Diversity and equality

  • G for Governance


    * Anti corruption * Responsible management * Tax reporting * Transparency

GHG Emissions Classifications: Scope 1, 2 and 3

  • Scope 1 Emissions icons

    Scope 1


    GHG emissions from assets that are controlled directly by the company. Example: Emissions from a ship’s fuel consumption

  • Scope 2 Emissions icons

    Scope 2


    GHG emissions from imported energy, such as purchased electricity, heat or steam. Example: Emissions as a result of power usage at the company offices

  • Scope 3 Emissions icons

    Scope 3


    GHG emissions from non-owned sources that are related to the company’s activities. Examples: Emissions generated by the supply chain Emissions from business travels Emissions generated by employees commuting to and from work

Get ESG ready

Don't fall behind in your ESG efforts! Be prepared for changing regulations and your stakeholder's requirements.

Contact us to discuss how Metizoft can help get your business ready for ESG reporting.

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