Green Yard Group Commits to Sustainability with Metizoft ESG

We are delighted to share that Green Yard has chosen to sign with Metizoft for our ESG services. This partnership shows our shared commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. We look forward to supporting Green Yard in their journey towards greater transparency and environmental stewardship through our ESG solution.

Green Yard aims to be the most sustainable option in the industry. This means they're not just focused on building and delivering high-quality ships but also doing so in a way that takes care of the environment, local communities, and future generations. By integrating sustainable principles into every aspect of their business, from design and production to operation and disposal, Green Yard strives to be a pioneer in green shipbuilding and maritime solutions. This commitment to sustainability is also reflected in their partnership with Metizoft to strengthen their ESG reporting processes and drive continuous improvement in environmental, social, and governance aspects. Through these efforts, Green Yard positions itself as a leading shipyard taking responsibility for its contribution to a more sustainable future.

Hans Jørgen Fedog, Green Yard and Øyvind Sundgot, Metizoft
Hans Jørgen Fedog and Øyvind Sundgot

"I am pleased to announce our partnership with Metizoft, a company that shares our commitment to environmental sustainability. By leveraging Metizoft's expertise in ESG compliance, we are confident in our ability to meet and exceed industry standards while advancing our mission of being a responsible life cycle shipyard. We have placed a significant focus on a circular economy and recycling in our work, and now we are very excited to document the work we have done and showcase it with the support of Metizoft" - CEO Green Yard, Hans Jørgen Fedog

Metizoft is a leading expert in ESG reporting for the maritime industry with a large portfolio of shipyards, shipping companies and maritime suppliers. Regulatory changes and rising stakeholder expectations mean that ESG is becoming a business essential. With our maritime experience and regulatory oversight, we develop solutions that take care of reporting for our customers. We help all businesses take a proactive approach that brings reporting efficiencies, commercial benefits and stakeholder assurance. Our platform provides live reports, so our customers can take immediate action on their emissions and stay ahead of their reporting needs. We continually develop our ESG solutions to be as effective as possible and are excited to work closely with Green Yard to support their ESG initiatives.

"Our collaboration with Green Yard Group signifies another step towards a more sustainable maritime industry. With our ESG agreement, we support their commitment to more environmentally friendly operations and assist them in showcasing the great work they are doing." - CMO Metizoft, Øyvind Sundgot.

There are several benefits for shipyards reporting on ESG:

  • Customer and Contract Requirements: Many shipping companies and public bodies require the ships they purchase to meet certain ESG standards. To attract customers and secure contracts, shipyards must be able to demonstrate compliance with these standards.
  • Risk Management: ESG reporting helps shipyards identify and address risks related to environmental impact, social issues, and corporate governance. This may include risks related to environmental damage, labour rights, and reputation.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: By reporting on ESG, shipyards can improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. This may involve measures to reduce energy consumption, waste, and emissions, as well as promoting a safe and inclusive working environment.
  • Investor Interest: Investors are increasingly concerned with ESG factors when evaluating investments in shipyards and other maritime companies. Reporting on ESG can help attract investors and strengthen the company's financial performance in the long term.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: As key players in the maritime industry, shipyards have a corporate social responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment and local communities. ESG reporting helps demonstrate that they take this responsibility seriously and are working to fulfil their obligations to stakeholders.

The partnership between Green Yard Group and Metizoft underscores the growing importance of ESG reporting in today's maritime business. By embracing sustainability and transparency, companies can not only lessen risks and improve their reputation but also contribute to a more resilient and equitable world for the future.

Last updated Apr 16, 2024

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