Record-breaking number of fatalities on the beach of Chattogram

At least seven workers lost their lives while scrapping vessels on the beach of Chattogram in what is the worst quarter in terms of number of accidents in Bangladeshi shipbreaking history.

120 ships dismantled worldwide:

There were a total of 120 ships broken in the third quarter of 2021. Of these, 87 ships were sold to the beaches of South Asia, where conditions are known to put workers’ lives and the environment at risk.

EU & ROW: 18 ships

TURKEY: 13 ships

CHINA: 2 ship

SOUTH ASIA: 87 ships
Bangladesh: 41ships
India: 31ships
Pakistan: 15 ships

Get access to the full version of the NGO Shipbreaking Platform’s South Asia Quarterly Update here.

“Lack of proper IHMs onboard vessels when these are imported to the breaking yards are a serious threat to human health and the environment.”

False IHMs claiming that the vessels are hazardous-free are issued to circumvent the ban on trading hazardous wastes, and without proper identification of the many hazardous materials embedded in the ships' structures , workers are unknowingly being exposed to toxics that may seriously damage their health.

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Last updated Mar 09, 2023

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