Metizoft ensures greener ship recycling for containership giant

Wan Hai Lines Ltd, based in Taiwan, is one of the largest players in the global container shipping industry. When ten of their ships were ready to be sold for demolition, Metizoft was one of the companies brought in to ensure this would happen in line with the company’s sustainability values.

Metizoft performed audits of a wide range of shipyards across the world and produced a shortlist of green recycling yards. The list included EU listed yards and other non-beaching yards, all holding valid documentation of compliance to the Hong Kong Convention.

The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships aims to ensure that the recycling of ships do not pose any unnecessary risks to human health, safety and to the environment.

As a responsible shipowner, Wan Hai Lines Ltd requires all ship recycling activities to be supervised by a reputable company. This includes Metizoft.

Metizoft ensures ship recycling is done according to regulations.
Metizoft ensures ship recycling is done according to regulations.

«We see the recycling stage of a ship as one of the main gateways to make shipping more sustainable and a turning point towards a higher grade of circular economy,” says Jan Rune Dalsøren, Global COO of Metizoft.

Ship recycling supervision is one of Metizoft’s range of services for the entire ship lifecycle. Tailored services and software are available for the design stage, the construction phase, the entire operational life of the ship, and ship recycling.

Metizoft has also been executing ship recycling supervision on site for one of the major cruise operators since 2020.

“Metizoft has offered recycling services of ships for a while, but we still say no thanks to over 50% of request from potential clients, because they want to take shortcuts. However, we do see monthly improvements now, and that is of great common benefit and value to all stakeholders,” says Dalsøren.

Clement Chang, CEO of Metizoft Asia, emphasises the principal importance of this project: “We greatly appreciate Wan Hai selecting Metizoft for this process. It’s essential that large companies take the lead in enforcing the principles of the Hong Kong Convention to make shipping more sustainable.We hope other shipowners will follow Wan Hai’s lead.”

Last updated Mar 09, 2023

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