World Maritime Day 2021

World Maritime Day 2021 highlights "Seafarers: At the core of shipping’s future".

Source: International Maritime Organization (IMO)

On 30 September 2021, IMO and the global maritime community come together to celebrate the annual World Maritime Day, with a focus on this year's theme: "Seafarers: At the core of shipping's future".

The 2021 theme was chosen as part of a year of action for seafarers, who play a vital role as key workers for global supply chains but are facing unprecedented hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During 2021, IMO has interviewed several seafarers about topics of importance to them and the future of the sector. The profiles (on the IMO website) spotlight issues related to the human element of shipping, including the safety and security of life on board ships, seafarers' well-being, and the importance of ensuring an appropriately trained and qualified workforce, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and automation.

Interactive webinar featuring seafarers discussing shipping's future

Seafarers will share their views during a webinar on World Maritime Day at 12:00 BST - join here:

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