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Protect your crew members and the marine environment by implementing Metizoft’s solution for chemical control. MZ Chemical System is an easy-to-use software designed for ship owners, administrators and chemical handlers’ onboard vessels for total chemical control.

Chemicals are carried on vessels in bulk as cargo or in containers, barrels, and gas cylinders. In addition, there are a range of chemicals found in a ship’s stores and equipment, such as pesticides, acids, and cleaning agents.


All in one system

With MZ Chemical System you get exposure log, chemical safety data sheets, substance register and risk assessment all in one system. Exposure log is required by law to be available for up to 60 years, from a person is exposed to a hazardous chemical. Our system serves as documentation for a possible occupational injury allowance, should a person become ill or injured.

MZ Chemical System includes every requirement, according to current regulations and increases your safety knowledge regarding chemicals. The system also maintains total control of stock, withdrawals, and substitutions of hazardous chemicals.

Be safe and in control

You will be able to handle chemicals on board regarding maintenance, cleaning, and leakage and you will always get access to the most recent safety data sheets. The system is functional on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and works offline when necessary.

MZ Chemical System is developed from “on hand experience” and is tailor made for the maritime industry. Delegate your workflow, increase user knowledge and reduce the number of products and suppliers by choosing Metizoft’s solution.

References from clients using MZ Chemical System:

“A revolution within the use of chemicals. Very good tool, that makes the job with chemicals much easier and more effective. You gain full control over usage from each single product on board, which leads to a cost saving.”

— Sverre Ytrebø Rødseth, Ch.Off, Rem Saltire.

“Great tool where we in addition to exposure log for crew and clients, received an added value in both risk assessments and safety data sheets, all in one system.”

— Sigurd Remøy, COO, Remøy Management.

“Law and regulations regarding chemicals and dangerous substances are very complicated, but with MZ Chemical System from Metizoft, we have gained full control.”

— Geir Danielsen, HSEQ Manager O.H. Meling

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Last updated Mar 08, 2023