IHM Service for Bourbon Offshore

Effective and sustainable - We feel secure that Metizoft keeps our supply chain safe and in compliance with current regulations. We can focus on our core business and be sure our fleet operates sustainably regarding hazardous material on board our vessels, says CEO Bjørn Remøy, Bourbon Offshore Norway.

Metizoft has extensive experience in developing IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) solutions for the maritime industry as one of the first suppliers in the market.

- Metizoft simplifies the documentation process and ensures constant IHM compliance, reducing costs and potential failures. We meet every requirement according to IHM needs and are certified by all major class societies, says CMO Øyvind Sundgot, Metizoft AS.

EU Ship Recycling Regulation
EU-flagged vessels of 500 GT and over will be required to carry an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) according to the new EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

- Our team of HazMat Experts ensure that all documentation follows regulations and class rules, so our customers always are prepared for port state controls and class surveys. Our customer portal, Metizone, gives accessibility to updated IHM reports 24-7, says Øyvind Sundgot.

The EU SRR place responsibility on ship owners, ship builders, suppliers, recycling facilities and national authorities to ensure the safe and environmentally viable management of hazardous materials as well as the sustainable recycling of ships.

Last updated Mar 08, 2023