IHM compliance under 3 months away

Are you prepared for the new EU Ship Recycling Regulation? From 31 December 2020, ships above 500 GT flying the flag of an EU/EEA member state, or third-party flagged vessels calling at European ports, must carry an IHM certification on board. Metizoft’s IHM Solution is an effective way to reach compliancy and maintain required documentation.

Extensive expertise
Regulations require a system and a designated person that will keep the IHM up to date throughout the ship’s lifecycle. As one of the first providers of green solutions regarding IHM to the maritime industry, Metizoft has obtained extensive expertise over the years.
We have developed a digital platform, Metizone, which gives our customers easy access to all necessary documentation for each vessel. Our HazMat experts make sure that all documents are continuously updated and maintained.

A reliable partner
There is increasing pressure in the maritime industry to stay sustainable and competitive, and it is a challenge keeping up with new legislation and regulations. A reliable partner with the best expertise is crucial to stay competitive and to safeguard your assets.
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Last updated Mar 08, 2023