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在国际经济贸易发展的驱动之下,每年悬挂欧盟/欧洲经济体船旗或虽然挂其他国家船旗但造访欧洲港口的船舶数量日益上升,截止目前已超过25,000艘,预计未来将保持持续稳定增长。随着全球对人类及环境安全的愈发重视,这些船舶都被要求必须遵守《有害物质清单 (IHM) 规定》。由此,作为向国际船东和船管公司提供设备和备件的供应商(包括制造商和贸易商)也必须遵守这些规定。

上述《有害物质清单 (IHM)规定》已于2020年底开始正式实施,不过仍有许多供应商对该规定不了解或是了解不深,也因此在与欧洲的船东或其他采购商合作中遇到很多困难和挑战。


北京时间 :11月25日 15:00
语言 :中文


Driven by international trade, the number of EU/ EEA flag vessels, and third country flagged vessels visiting European ports annually is currently estimated to be over >25,000 and projected to increase steadily year-on-year. All vessels will be required to comply with the Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) Regulations, towards safeguard human and environmental safety.

As Suppliers of equipment, spare parts and materials to international shipowners and managers, Manufacturers to Traders will also be required to comply with the Regulations. The Regulations has been in force since end 2020, yet many Suppliers remain unclear about IHM and their responsibilities and liabilities as part of the maritime supply chain.

Time and date: 25 November 2021, 15:00hrs UTC+8
Language: Chinese

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