Metizoft wins award for innovation led growth

Each year, Norwegian business newspaper Dagens Næringsliv award a few fast-growing businesses with the title of “Gazelle business”. The criteria for the award include a consistently growing turnover and consistent profit. In addition to making the Gazelle list two years running, Metizoft was also honoured with a special award for innovation led growth in an established business.

Innovation and growth

The special award is given to an established company that achieves a new level of growth through innovation. It’s an impressive accomplishment, and few companies have received this national awards. The growth Metizoft has seen over the last few years is tied to new services and international operations. As of today, more then 4000 ships and 300 unique customers use Metizoft solutions.

Gry Cecilie Sydhagen, Founder and CEO in Metizoft

New environmental regulations

The pandemic hit just as Metizoft was on the verge of an ambitious international push, including inspections onboard ships. There was a slight feeling of panic as travel became restricted, but with quick adjustments and a solid global network, this still became an important addition to the business.

In addition, Metizoft used the time in lockdown well: “We were dependent on diversifying our services,” says Gry Cecilie Sydhagen, founder and CEO of Metizoft. “Two people were tasked with scanning the market to identify new trends. It was soon clear that new and stricter environmental regulations would create opportunities for us and fit perfectly into our niche. We launched our new tool for sustainability reporting earlier this year. It’s been well received in the market, and we’re confident that this will be the foundation for lifting our business to the next level.”

Last updated Jul 03, 2023

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