Double ESG contract for Metizoft

Metizoft has signed contracts for their new ESG tool with shipowners Siem Offshore and Aurora Offshore, both based in Kristiansand, Norway.

Sustainability is an important part of the strategy for both companies and will be a priority going forwards.

«Siem Offshore has a strong focus on sustainability, and as a member of the Norwegian Shipowners Alliance we work towards the ambitious targets the association has set,” says Jon August Houge, ESG Director in Siem Offshore.

“Being able to present up-to-date data on our ESG performance will become a requirement from both authorities and other stakeholders. Metizoft’s forward-looking solution will be a useful tool for us to handle this development.”

Øyvind Sundgot, CMO Metizoft & Jon August Houge, ESG Director Siem Offshore
Øyvind Sundgot, CMO Metizoft & Jon August Houge, ESG Director Siem Offshore

ESG for the maritime industry

ESG stands for the three main categories in sustainability reporting. It does not only include emissions and effects on the environment (E for environmental) but also considers health, safety, and worker’s rights (S for social) as well as responsible business practices (G for governance).

«There are increasing requirements for sustainability reporting, but it is still crucial that companies like Siem and Aurora lead the way to show that the maritime industry can take the necessary measurements now,” explains Øyvind Sundgot, CMO at Metizoft. “We have developed an ESG tool that makes measuring and reporting much more efficient.”

With automated collection of data from the shipowner’s vessels and systems, companies can take informed actions and the effect will be measured and registered. Reporting templates that meet the requirements of the maritime industry are available in the system.

Long standing relationship

Siem Offshore and Metizoft have already worked together for some time. Siem was a pilot customer for Metizoft on IHM Maintenance and were the first to implement the new ESG reporting solution.

«We greatly appreciate the cooperation with Siem Offshore, and the trust they’ve shown us,” says Øyvind Sundgot. “Working with them has been a positive and useful process that has helped us ensure that we have a product that is tailored made for the needs of our customers.”

New customer on multiple services

Aurora Offshore is a relatively new customer for Metizoft. In the first months of this year, they’ve signed contracts on Metizoft’s Chemical System and IHM Maintenance.

“We are really pleased that Aurora also chose Metizoft solutions and look forward to working together,” says Sundgot.

Aurora Offshore was established in 2021 and specialise in offshore vessels for oil & gas, wind, and alternative energy.

“Metizoft’s services suit our needs well, and we look forwards to implementing them for our fleet. We are a growing company, and having good systems in place is crucial to streamline our operation,” says Bjørn-Inge Engene, COO Aurora Offshore.

Great potential for ESG solution

Metizoft recognised the need for an ESG tool that was tailored made for the maritime and shipping industry and believe that there will be a lot of demand for this product in the market.

“Sustainability reporting is not just for shipowners,” Sundgot adds. “Shipyards and suppliers to the maritime industry will also increasingly need to report on ESG, and our solution will be ideal for these customers too.”

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Last updated Apr 04, 2023

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